March 20, 2014 |

For any construction job, it’s highly recommended you have a dedicated, professional CDM co-ordinator on the Team to advise and assist everyone to comply with their legal duties. Indeed, since the implementation of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007, you have a legal requirement to appoint a CDM co-ordinator if the construction phase of your project exceeds 30 days or 500 person days.

With changes to CDM Regulations currently under consideration, it’s never been more important to engage the services of a competent and registered CDM co-ordinator who is experienced and fully conversant with all applicable Health and Safety legislation.
Keelagher Okey Klein (KOK) have over 30 years experience providing a wide range of professional services relating to property and construction, including RICS regulated Chartered Surveyors, qualified Project Managers and Registered CDM co-ordinators. Here is an overview of what a CDM co-ordinator does, how the currently proposed changes to the regulations may impact on the CDM co-ordinator role, and just some of the compelling reasons to choose KOK.

What is a CDM co-ordinator?
A CDM Co-ordinator is a key member of the construction team and, in order to be effective, needs to be appointed by the Client as early as possible. Their role is to ensure co-operation and co-ordination between all members of the Project Team with regards to reducing risks during construction and maintenance activities and be in a position to act as a key advisor to the Client in respect of their (Client) duties under the law. The CDMC should be concerned with ensuring all members of the Project Team understand what is required of them. They should seek to promote high standards of health and safety, ensuring all aspects of the construction project adhere to the requirements of the CDM Regulations. Some of their key duties involve notifying the Health & Safety Executive of the project, advising the Client regarding the appointment of appropriate parties to carry out and manage construction, advising on the feasibility of programmes and resourcing, collating relevant pre-construction information for communication to relevant parties, and seeking to ensure the proper management of health and safety issue by avoiding hazards and reducing risks at the design stages of a project.

Expected changes to CDM Regulations
It is understood that the government and the Health & Safety Executive are considering a review of the CDM Regulations but a timetable for industry consultation has yet to be confirmed. It has been reported that these proposals are likely to have have a significant impact on professional indemnity cover for construction projects, and of the role of CDM co-ordinator. Exact details are not yet finalised, but it’s possible that the role will be separated into two: one dealing with preparation (Co-ordinator for Preparations Stage Safety and Health matters, or CPSH) and one dealing with health & safety at execution stage (Co-ordinator for Execution Stage Health and Safety matters, or CESH).

The CPSH is likely to be a broadly similar role to the CDM coordinator, and may also be referred to as “Principal Designer”. But no matter how the role may change under any new regulations, the present legal duties on Clients will remain largely unchanged (because the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 will remain in force) and therefore it’s important to employ a fully-trained, experienced professional who is in a position to continue to give advice on legal compliance and potential penalties under the Law.

Why contract a CDM co-ordinator from Keelagher Okey Klein?
It is essential that any changes to the CDM Regulations are understood and discharged in accordance with statutory requirement. By choosing one of KOK’s professional CDM co-ordinators, you can rest assured you’re getting the services of a fully-trained professional with knowledge of the latest legislation and best practice in the field along with the support of other proactive and committed team members and other professions helping to ensure that all requirements set out under the Regulations are met, resulting in a safer construction environment for your project.

Find out more about the services Keelagher Okey Klein can offer you ”“ including their experienced Chartered Quantity Surveyors, Building Surveyors and CDM co-ordinators ”“ at http://www.kok-surveyors.co.uk/cdm-co-ordinators/

KOK is a Registered Practice of the Association of Project Safety and are Constructionline registered.