University of Manchester – School of Chemical Engineering & Analytical Science (SCEAS) (Value £10m)

The SCEAS building, renamed for opening as the ‘James Chadwick’ Building, houses research facilities, teaching laboratories for postgraduates and undergraduates, enquiry-based learning (EBL) facilities and academic offices for The School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science (SCEAS). The five-storey, 11,500 square metre building also holds a sophisticated industrial gas pilot plant.

The development is one of largest and best equipped of any European University.

The new pilot-scale facilities were designed to suit a modern chemical engineering school, offering more flexibility with facilities suitable for research and pilot-scale teaching experiments in topics such as structured fluids processing and environmental processes. It also enables the development and testing of process instrumentation for a number of commercial clients.

The building achieved BREEAM excellence and contains a ground source heat pump providing a green source of energy for the school and design-wise, was constructed using a cost-effective cladding system which is easily demountable to allow for the planned future expansion of the building.