Site Waste Management Plans


The Regulations place a duty upon any Client proposing to carry out Construction work valued greater than £300,000.00 to plan and document the reduction of waste on a project in order to achieve a continual reduction in harm to the environment.Our services commence by providing the following information to the Client which has been abstracted from the sometimes overpowering plethora of regulations and unofficial guidance that is available:
An abstract from the Site Waste Management Plans Regulations 2008 of which the definitions and regulations 4, 5 and 6 are most important.
An abstract of a schedule of ”˜additional duties’ attached to the Regulations.
An abstract from the DEFRA guidance.

There is an awful lot of guidance and checklists and examples about but we feel that the above provides the with Keelagher Okey Klein then to act as the person responsible for preparing the Plan initially on behalf of the Client and hand this on to the Principal Contractor at the commencement of construction. We then coordinate the activities of Client and Principal Contractor in carrying out their duties up to and including the review of the Plan following completion.

The Principal Contractor would then retain the Plan as per the Regulations and the Client would absorb the findings of the Review into his environmental procedures and objectives. The Client cannot appoint an Agent under these regulations.

Our activities would be:-
Prepare a Site Waste Management Plan in accordance with the regulations, gathering information from the project team as necessary.
Pass the Plan to the Principal Contractor prior to commencement of construction, preferably during the tender period.
Seek to ensure that the Principal Contractor develops the Plan during construction.
Perform reviews of the Plan with the Principal Contractor at the frequency demanded by the Regulations.
Perform a review of the Plan with the Principal Contractor upon completion of the Project.
Provide feedback to the Client following the reviews as to the effect of the Plan.

If you would like to know more talk to Mark Slocombe, Steve Brown or John Okey on 01925 654158