Builders Quantities

Keelagher Okey Klein has an excellent track record in supporting contractors with tenders by providing Builders Quantities. This highly technical process supports contractors and builders when they are pricing or managing a building project.

Increase your chances of obtaining competitive tender prices with an accurate Bill of Quantities

The importance of getting measurements correct

It can be extremely difficult to estimate the quantity of building materials required at the outset of a project. Often builders have just sketches and designs to guide them and getting the initial estimate wrong can have long term repercussions for the building project no matter what its size.

It can also become a time consuming process for builders and can limit the amount of work for which they can tender.

The Benefits of Builders Quantities

Builders Quantities reduces any guesswork when looking at measurements and will minimise the risk of large discrepancies between the measurements in the tender document and the actual measurements once the building project commences.

Having Builders Quantities in the document can speed up the supply-chain tendering process as it becomes easier to compare a range of tenders against the same information. It also provides firm foundations for assessing any variations in materials as the projects takes place.

Builders can use the information to provide a cost analysis of the project. This supports future planning as forecasts are based on reliable measurements.

Choosing the right Quantity Surveyor to do the job

We have the skills to quickly interpret drawings, sketches and designs which will have been created by engineers and architects and can pull together a list of Builders Quantities which accurately measures and quantifies the required amount of building materials. In effect, a Quantity Surveyor builds the design on paper. This ensures that the design and specification are cross-referenced and any discrepancies identified at an early stage.

We use software packages that speed up the process and increase accuracy. This opens up the number of tender opportunities for a builder or contractor. As the process is relatively quick, the costs are minimised.

Our Quantity Surveyors also have a wealth of experience measuring complex, intricate structures either manually or using software. They have an intuitive understanding of spaces allowing them to foresee the impact of designs on material requirements and deliver the process quickly, efficiently and accurately.

At Keelagher Okey Klein we have the expertise and experience to provide you with accurate, robust quantities. For more advice on how we can help contact us today on 01925 654158 or email

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