Project Managers

Our professionals manage each component of the work and the team’s effort on every part of the project. Experienced in this type of management, we are expert in maintaining progress, whatever the issues, through each of a project’s main phases.At the project’s inception, the overall business objectives are fully defined and agreed ensuring complete agreement to client intentions, desired results and commitments to achieve them. Essential for a well managed project, complete clarity of communication, responsibilities and monitoring are established with appropriate governance.

Our managers therefore include all aspects of master plans, client specifications, corporate requirements, relevant regulations, milestones, planning requirements, direct contracts and suppliers, associated site acquisitions and financing. The overall business objectives are mapped onto a strategic project brief during the design definition phase, giving clients an overview of likely risks and potential mitigations with the opportunity to make appropriate modifications where necessary to expedite expected outcomes. A key facet of this phase is the full appraisal of the options for procurement. Finally the design brief and definitions are interlinked with the business’s outcomes and financial commitments, which form the bedrock of the project plan and tasks which comprise the detailed breakdown of work.

In support of the project controls and to underpin accurate delivery, the agreed solution is continually measured against the business expectation. Contractors’ method statements are fully validated and we ensure governance, quality assurance and risk management plans are well defined and in place.

Agreed management and change control processes are communicated to all involved in the supply chain logistical arrangements, and executed and monitored through to completion of construction. To effectively transition the completed project through to full operation and management we provide oversight of commissioning, achievement of completion targets and finalisation of accounts across all key stakeholders.

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