NHS ProCure21



Working with their previous P21 Principal Supply Chain Partner (PSCP) Interserve, the Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is carrying out the alteration and refurbishment of 10 wards over a 5 year period using the ProCure21 Minor Works process. This augments its long standing and effective Measured Term Contract currently held by Reads, who are carrying out a planned programme of further upgrades and strategic alterations.


The design team are the framework team of AFL Architects and Giffords Engineers with Cost Advice and CDM Coordination Services provided by ourselves, Keelagher Okey Klein.


This P21 Minor Works agreement completes a range of carefully selected construction procurement methods aimed at providing sufficient resources, flexibility and continuity to meet the Trusts demanding programme.


We are proud to be associated with the Countess of Chester and with its willingness to adopt this comparatively untried method of procurement.



Cost Advisor: We are also ”˜in the club’ and are acting as cost advisor on other capital works using the P21 procurement method.


CDM Coordinator: Some of our largest CDMC Commissions (up to £30 million) are procured using the P21 partnering route and our approach is proving useful to Client and Contractors alike.


To find out more please call John Okey or Arwyn Jones on 01925 654158