NDA – Albion Square

NDA Albion Square

Albion Square was commissioned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s own property company (NDA Properties Ltd) to transfer staff from Sellafield. This transfer frees up space for decommissioning, reduces traffic to the nuclear site and will help regenerate the economy of Whitehaven’s town centre.
The development is a joint project between the NDA, Sellafield Ltd, Nuclear Management Partners, Britain’s Energy Coast and Copeland Borough Council.

Value: £18 million

“It has been a fantastic joint effort by all of the partners in the project to reach this point. The building looks fantastic outside and inside. It will provide a comfortable, modern working environment for Sellafield staff, while contributing to the redevelopment of Whitehaven.”

-David Atkinson, Managing Director of NDA Properties

“The design and construction teams have done a first rate job and we’re getting an exceptional facility which I’m sure will prove to be a great place to work.”

-Bruce Denwood – Head of Facilities Management for Sellafield Ltd

“This is a fantastic facility and the council is proud to have been involved in helping bring it to fruition. It has improved the environment in this part of town and is an integral part of Whitehaven’s regeneration.”

-Elaine Woodburn – Copeland Borough Council Leader