National Graphene Institute — University of Manchester

6Located in the University Campus’ Science Quarter, the National Graphene Institute is housed in a compact 7,600m2 five-storey building, with the main cleanroom located on the lower ground floor to achieve best vibration performance.

The building also includes a second cleanroom in addition to laser, optical, metrology and chemical laboratories, offices and ancillary accommodation such as a seminar room that opens out on to a roof terrace with a bio-diverse roof garden.

The two high technical specification clean rooms are fitted out to International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) standards 5 and 6.
Offices and labs are intermixed on all floors to offer individual research teams the facilities needed to operate coherently in one area. These teams are expected to include industry partners that will collaborate on research with the University.

The building is enclosed by an economic inner skin comprising a proprietary composite cladding panel system that provides weather tightness and thermal insulation and accommodates flush windows and other openings as required. Fixed to the outside of this inner skin is a separate perforated stainless steel ”˜veil’ which wraps around the building and is made of hundreds of black mirror stainless steel panels, each one containing thousands of perforations that make up the equations used in graphene research.

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Value: £35million

“The state-of-the-art institute is an incredible asset, not only to this university and to Manchester, but also to the UK.”

Prof Dame Nancy Rothwell ”“ President and Vice-Chancellor for The University of Manchester