April 21, 2015 |

The newly enacted CDM 2015 regulations pertaining to the management, monitoring and control of health and safety matters on a construction project been much discussed and debated over the last year or so, but how many construction consultancy firms can boast accreditation encompassing the new duties resulting from these new regulations?

At Keelagher Okey Klein we have  developed new services, documents and procedures under CDM2015 to enable us to continue to be at the forefront of CDM service provision. Not only that but we have gone one step further and included these new services, Principal Designer and CDM Advisor, in our assessment for the much acclaimed ISO standard.

We are, officially, one of the first construction consultancy firms to have Principal Designer and CDM Advisor services included in the scope of our Quality Assurance Accreditation to BS EN ISO 9001.



What does ISO9001 accreditation actually mean?


The majority of people will have heard of this ISO standard, and will appreciate that it is a recognition of quality procedures and denotes an organisation with skills, knowledge, training and organisational capability. However many will not appreciate what it actually means at an operational level.  In order to gain accreditation for ISO 9001, a rigorous and detailed assessment of the organisation has to take place encompassing all levels and all services, over a number of months. Keelagher Okey Klein have given evidence through detailed documentation, on-site audit and interrogation of personnel, evidence of robust procedures, demonstration of effective staff roles and responsibilities, information management and lines of communication.



How is ISO9001 accreditation a benefit for Clients?


One of the requirements in gaining ISO9001 is that the company can demonstrate improved quality and service as a result of effective management and the assessment process identifies and encourages efficiency and time saving procedures. Whilst there is much analysis of internal systems to gain this accreditation, the audit also considers the organisations interaction with clients, subcontractors and other parties. Key factors in our industry in maintaining a high level of customer service are timely support and advice, effective cost management, completion on time and a ”˜right first time approach. At Keelagher Okey Klein we are continually assessing our systems and policies to ensure we meet our targets and find solutions to continuously improve our service to our customers.


Keelagher Okey Klein – a continued commitment to the industry


In our previous article regarding the new CDM2015 Regulations we promised you we would be the first to know about the changes, how they affect you and how to react accordingly. The recent update to our accreditation, embracing all aspects of CDM2015, demonstrates our commitment to the industry and to maintaining our high standards. At Keelagher Okey Klein, we have always placed a strong emphasis on our client relationships, allocating a Project Director to every project irrespective of the size of the job and maintaining a high profile and practical team approach to the success of each and every project. We pride ourselves in putting health & safety management first and balancing time and cost, whilst providing a quality construction management service.


As always, we will continue to support our clients, associated designers and contractors through the transition to the CDM 2015 and will continue to provide a quality service on all of our projects.


Communication is key to keep our clients informed as well as listening carefully to any additional instructions and questions. The appointment of the Principal Designer, the CDM Advisor / CDM Consultant or the Principal Designer Advisor to work closely with each client facilitates this process building a rapport with the client and the whole of the project tam, ensuring deadlines are met and risks reduced.


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