Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre – Faraday UG Building

KOK were Principal Designer on a multi-structure demolition at the Faraday Undergraduate Building, adjacent to an elevated section of Mancunian Way, which involved demolition at height and the use of remote demolition. Works included safe service isolation, service diversions, protection of the site, tree removal, removal of an underground service tunnel. Due to the high alumina construction, the demolition of the Faraday Link Bridge required full and negotiated road closures, careful planning and temporary works consideration to avoid uncontrolled collapse. The previous use of the building meant identification and removal of liquid mercury from laboratory spillages as well as the control of Aspergillus spore contamination, identification and removal of asbestos, and a detailed UXO (unexploded ordnance) risk assessment. Service works such as gas diversion, installation of gas housing/apparatus, cables to street lighting and CCTV, temporary water and electric connection to site, and removal and relocation of public lighting columns to a neighbouring street.

Value: £7 million.