March 30, 2015 |

It has been a busy few months here at Keelagher Okey Klein as we prepare for the enactment of The CDM Regulations 2015 on the 6th April.

Our dedicated team of Health and Safety Professionals have worked tirelessly since the initial draft of the Regulations were released last year, with each of them contributing significantly to the consultation process last May.
Since then, we have thoroughly reviewed the new Regulations, attended industry briefings / APS seminars and have subsequently developed protocols and procedures for our two new services (CDM Advisor and Principal Designer) in order to ensure seamless a transition to the new regulations without deterioration of control over health and safety matters.

We have kept all of our Clients and Project Teams informed and involved with regard to the upcoming changes and have issued regular updates via our Technical Newsletter and blog. A great deal more information has been published on our web pages: “CDM2015” and “Principal Designer”.

Additionally, we have been providing our Clients, local Architectural Practices and Principal Contractors a free one-hour CDM2015 briefing session during which time we have put many minds at ease and answered countless burning questions.

If we haven’t been to see you yet and you feel that your team would benefit from a free one-hour CDM 2015 briefing session, please contact John Okey or any of our Health and Safety Advisors on 01925 654158 or respond to this email.

Not fully prepared?… Don’t Panic!

The transition arrangements run from 6th April to 6th October 2015 and under these arrangements it is the CDMC appointment by 6th April which is critical, not the start of Construction. This means that if you appoint a CDMC before the 6th April you are effectively buying up to 6 months valuable thinking time about how to you intend to deal with the new regulations.

So, on every project you are designing/ envisaging please get those CDMC orders posted out by 6th April to people that you trust!