September 11, 2013 |

An informed and insightful speech by the President of the Association for Project  Safety, Richard Habgood, included:-


“HMG must realise that we already have a system in place that:


  • Enables our workforce to realise their full potential in a safe working environment with appropriate training provided and that
  • Makes us a global leader in the development of high quality innovative products, processes, procedures and technology


Yes, we do need to improve, reduce paperwork and bureaucracy and reduce real costs ”“ but these should be achieved by building upon the world class system that we have already in place ”“ in response to HSE challenges ”“ by amending and improving not by wholesale revision and experiment.

(The CDM Co-ordinator) role and those providing it arose specifically because the design professions and contractors, particularly those with a design responsibility, did not want to accept the co-ordination duties required by the new Directive and implementation regulations and did not, and still have not developed the skills, knowledge and capability to deliver what is needed for effective health and safety risk management in construction.”


John Okey note:

New laws always take time to bed in and I wonder what damage will occur if the introduction of new regulations removes the focus currently provided by a good CDMC.


The value of an independent advisor with experience, skills and training in all health and safety legislation which relates to construction and maintenance focusing upon the co-ordination of the design and build ability,  un-distracted by other pressures, cannot and should not be underestimated.