Condition Surveys


Whether you’re a developer, property owner, business owner, tenant or landlord, a Condition Survey conducted by our accredited Surveyors can prove to be beneficial in your decision making process with respect to purchase, sale, re-financing, avoiding potential claims, renovation and/or maintenance of a property and buildings.


A Condition Survey provides an assessment of physical property conditions. The survey identifies deficiencies, and maintenance issues including, but not limited to structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, site layout, site utilities, storm water management, soil erosion and life safety systems. To facilitate an informed decision-making process, our Condition Survey results in a clear understanding of the current condition of operating systems by a Client.


The extent of the Condition Survey can vary depending upon the Client’s need for information. Staring with a visual observation of existing conditions to periodic monitoring and testing of building and site systems, the Condition Survey can be summarized in a one-page letter or prepared in a bound report complete with test results, calculations, detailed narrative and photographs.


So that the Surveyor, Client and other interested parties have a clear understanding of the requested services, the report states the purpose and scope of the survey.


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