Chartered Quantity Surveyors


Keelagher Okey Klein’s approach will be positive, proactive and helpful as befits a member of the design team.

All our Quantity Surveyors are qualified, mature and highly experienced, with most having worked on Client side, for contractors or developers and specialist subcontractors, so you can be assured of a knowledgeable and practical approach to your project.

The duties of a Quantity Surveyor will be fulfilled by the following methods:-

  • Ensure a prompt response to all requests
  • Ensure that a Director or Senior Surveyor who is fully conversant with the scheme can be contacted by the
  • Client and Project Team at all times during normal business hours (this is standard company policy)
  • Ensure that a Director or Senior Surveyor who is fully conversant with the scheme will attend all meetings as required
  • Adopt a flexible approach in the provision of the required service to suit the requirements of the Project Manager
  • Ensure that our services are provided to meet the programme
  • Consider all the team members
  • Review the brief with the Project Team
  • Liaise with Project Team throughout the contract
  • Review programme and phasing
  • Use best endeavours to ensure that the Contractor(s) provides information to enable the completion of the appropriate Contract Documents before commencement of work on site
  • Request appropriate information from the Contractor(s) and use best endeavours to ensure that all such information is provided in an appropriate and timely manner. Assist in achieving this by preparing and monitoring a schedule of required information and the date(s) for receipt of that information, throughout the course of the project.
  • Prepare and provide all reports and other data required by the Project Manager
  • Request feedback from Client to ensure that anticipated level of service is being provided or exceeded
  • Provide confidential feedback to the Client on any matters arising

If you require Cost Advice or Quantity Surveying Services please call Arwyn Jones or John Okey on 01925 654158