July 12, 2013 |

The HSE are proposing to revise the CDM Regulations in 2014 which will have widespread consequences for the construction industry.


They are currently intending to consult with interested parties in September 2013 with the following being the key proposals:


·      Works to domestic properties where 2 or more contractors are employed will now become notifiable (subject to the existing 30 day requirement)

·      Removal of the current CDM ACOP (to be replaced by a suite of smaller guidance documents).

·      Removal of the specific scheduled competence requirements to allow “flexibility” for clients to deem what they consider acceptable competence for the proposed works.

·      Removal of the CDM Coordinator (to be replaced by a new duty holder currently referred to as the Project Preparation Manager PPM).


Bearing in mind that the EU Directive itself is due for revision in 2014/ 2015, one might wonder why Great Britain is doing this before the dust has been disturbed, much less settled. We could be in for a series of re-writes and amendments and there is a long way to go before the revised Regulations are enacted into Law but we at Keelagher Okey Klein will continue to keep our readers informed as the process unfolds.