CDM Advisor (CDMA)

What is a CDM Advisor?

With the introduction of the new CDM2015 Regulations recently,  many of our Clients have approached us for advice and assistance in performing their new duties because there is now more focus on Client as head of supply chain to set standards throughout the project and the full Regulations now apply to more projects.

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The new CDM2015 Regulations make the Client criminally accountable for the impact which their decisions and approach have on health, safety and welfare on the project. The Client must maintain and review site-specific construction project Health, Safety and Welfare arrangements to ensure they remain effective and compliant throughout the life of the project. Furthermore, the Client must appoint duty holders in writing on all projects where there is more than one contractor.

This increased responsibility and workload will be backed by increased fines for health & safety breaches by the Client and others, including the option for a custodial sentence for serious breaches. However, the L153 Guidance states that the Client “could draw on the competent advice they are required to have under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to assist them in carrying out their new, more onerous duties.

  • If Clients need help in making these arrangements, they could draw on the competent advice they are required to have under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (the MHSW Regulations). – L153 #34.

A competent CDM Advisor / CDM Consultant will advise and assist the Client in carrying out their new duties under the CDM2015 Regulations, ensuring health & safety compliance throughout the duration of a project.

Our CDM Advisor Services

Our team has developed our approach to CDM Advisor / CDM Consultant services after months of consultation with both our public sector and private sector clients, to ensure that we provide a service that exceeds expectations whilst ensuring continued compliance with CDM 2015.

We understand that every project is different and therefore our approach will be to tailor our services and provide a bespoke solution to client requirements including:-

  • Provision of CDM2015 training to the client and project team
  • Assessment of Designer, Principal Designer and PC capability / competence
  • Advice regarding suitability of existing information and/or the need for further investigations or surveys
  • Preparation and issue of PCI
  • Issue of F10 notifications (where applicable)
  • Full review of the contractors Construction Phase Plan
  • Assitance in monitoring the development of the Health & Safety File throughout the project
  • Review of Health and Safety File upon completion
  • Provision of ad-hoc advice and support, as necessary
  • Provision of additional resources

We can also provide this service alongside Principal Designer services, thereby offering a complete and compliant CDM2015 solution to the Client and their Project Team.

For a full Schedule of Services, or to speak with one of our team about your specific requirements, please call one of our team on 01925 654158.

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